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Buses / Cargo

Click on the link of your choice to view a few of our custom installations.

If you have any questions about these or other applications, please contact us for assistance.


2009 Bluebird School Bus  — Mobile Climate Control System Installation


2003 Chevrolet Express 3500/Forest River Shuttle Bus Body with a 6.0L Gas Engine —
Complete Air Conditioning System Re-Design


Ford E350 Ambulance with a 7.3L Diesel — Transair TA70 Headliner Evaporator Unit, DTAC 07-34002-12
Remote Mount Condenser, Factory Compressor Installation

2012 Ford E350 Shuttle Bus with a 5.4L Gas Engine, Forest River Shuttle Bus Body —
Complete Air Conditioning System Re-Design

2005 Ford E-Series Chassis/Thomas Built Bus Body with a 6.0L Diesel Engine —
Transair TA-71 Headliner Evaporator Unit, 301626-01 Skirt Mount Condenser Unit, 4012273-02 Compressor Bracket,
300-6885 Compressor Installation

Ford F450 Shuttle Bus – MCC 77-62251-21 Rooftop Condenser Unit Installation

2012 Ford F250/Animal Control Body with a 6.2L Engine — 950-3008 Remote Mount Condenser,
FMK48SD508-I6 Compressor Bracket, 300-5493 Compressor Installation

2018 Ford Transit 3500 with a 3.2L Engine — Complete Pro Air System Installation


Freightliner 2500 Sprinter Van (170” WB) with a 3.0L Mercedes Engine — 315-12HC Headliner Evaporator-Heater Unit,
950-3007 Remote Mount Condenser Unit, 40027C Compressor Bracket, 300-5505 Compressor Installation

Freightliner 2500 Sprinter Van (144” WB) with a 3.0L Mercedes Engine, — 315-12C Headliner Evaporator Unit,
950-3007 Remote Mount Condenser Unit, 40027C Compressor bracket, 300-5505 Compressor Installation


2007 GMC Thomas Bus with 6.0L Engine — Complete American Cooling Technology System Installation

IC Corp

2018 IC Corp School Bus  — Bergstrom System Installation

2009 IC Corp FE300 (84 Passenger Bus) with a Maxxforce Diesel Engine ­—
Mobile Climate Control IW-1 In-Wall Evaporator Units (front & rear), EM-7 Mid-Side Ceiling Mount Evaporator Unit,
Two CM-3 Skirt Mount Condenser Units,  72-62044-04 Dual Mount Compressor Bracket, Two 76-62285-35
TM-21 Valeo Compressor Installation


2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 - ProAir EZ-5 System Installation 


2014 Nissan NV200 Cargo Van  — DTAC System Installation

2013 Nissan NV1500 Van with a 4.0L Gas Engine — 315-12HC Headliner Evaporator Unit,
950-3008 Remote Mount Condenser Unit, BSI 2982 Compressor bracket, 300-6885 Valeo Compressor Installation

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