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APU Repair

Whether you need a complete APU Installation, Repair Service, or an Oil Change, we can help. We specialize in Repair Services for Thermo King TriPac, Carrier ComfortPro, Dynasys, and RigMaster APUs. Our vast inventory of APU Replacement Parts will ensure that we get your equipment repaired correctly and back in service quickly. Check out all of our APU Service offerings below.

APU Repair


Fleet Maintenance & Repair
We specialize in Fleet Maintenance & Repair on all makes of APU. Whether it be TriPac, ComfortPro, Dynasys, RigMaster, or Willis, we have Preventive Maintenance and Repair Service Programs built that will ensure your APU Systems are in good operating condition year-around. From Oil changes to Performance Testing, our Programs and Vast Inventory of APU Replacement Parts guarantee you the highest value through minimized downtime.


Higher fuel prices and truck engine deficiencies have worked together to create a challenging environment for fleets and owner operators. An APU Installation will relieve your growing operational expenses and place you in compliance.


As an authorized distributor for RigMaster and Nite, we offer a complete line of Engine Driven and Electric APUs. 

Warranty Service Center

We are an Authorized Warranty Service Center for RigMaster and Nite. Our direct support will ensure your APU is Repaired correctly and back in service quickly. Contact us when a warranty issue arises. 

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